Air rifles Norfolk

The Norfolk Gun Trading Company is the premier supplier of air rifles Norfolk, specialising in a variety of brands and models to suit every budget and need. Whether you’re aiming for recreational shooting in the back garden or a more serious pastime, we have the knowledge and expertise to match your requirements. Prices start from £40 to however deep your pockets will go. Many potential shooting enthusiasts often ask us similar questions, our best answers and tips can be found below:


1) Do I need a licence?
Not currently (March 2012) for an air rifle. Sales must be made face to face, with customers obliged to provide their name and address. Air rifles are required to be covered when transported in public.

2) Where can I shoot?
For vermin control, you require the land owner’s permission. Local clubs provide a good place to shoot and meet likeminded enthusiasts. The nearest club in Norfolk is Fakenham Rifle Club. If you are 18 years or older there are no restrictions on buying an air rifle and ammunition and you can use it wherever you have permission to shoot.

3) What pellets are best?
Pellets come in different weights and shapes offering a diverse experience; .22 traditionally used for vermin shooting .177 traditionally used for targets, with less weight the speed and muzzle velocity is increased, .20 Said to be “faster than .22, harder hitting than .177”. Great for fun with tin cans .25 Are much heavier. Not a very popular seller.

4) How can I improve my technique?
Firstly you should concentrate on your grip, keeping it relaxed but firm. Breathe in deeply, then out slowly and smoothly. Consistent practice will improve your aiming. For the absolute beginner a detailed guide on how to shoot an air rifle will set you in good stead.

Air Rifles Norfolk

One of the best air rifles Norfolk has to offer is The Benjamin Trail, featuring Nitro Piston technology instead of a steel spring, complete with textured grip and forearm. Claims to be 70% quieter than your average gas powered air rifle, to stop prey being scared away. One of our best sellers is the Concept, billed as a sleek single sporter, with a cylinder that enables around 60+ full power shots per fill. Attaching a BSA Panther 3x10x40 sight would provide a very clear target image, whilst a swept back hood acts as a sunshade as well as protecting the lens.

Pictured below is a selection of our air rifles Norfolk stock, including the ever popular Webley Venom Sidewinder and Benjamin Trail.

Air rifles Norfolk


Air rifles Norfolk

For a detailed explanation of our product range and to find the model best suited to your needs, stop by and we will be happy to discuss your personal requirements. The minimum age for purchasing an air rifle or air pistol is 18, as legislated from 1st October 2007, with all sales face to face, over the counter with appropriate ID. Gun safety is of paramount importance and should be taken very seriously. For a more detailed look at laws visit Air rifles Norfolk.